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this past smackdown results

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Event: WWE SmackDown Taping
Airdate: Friday, February 29, 2008
Location: Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Ariz.
Results by Greg Parks of

-WWE Open.

-Clips aired of the WrestleMania Press Conference from this past Monday. They had soundbites from a few guys, but focused mostly on Big Show vs. Mayweather.

-Smackdown Open.


This went about as well as you’d expect for the jobbers. Chokeslam for Garland, then Show did some sparring with Ryan in the corner. He finished Ryan off with a straight right-hand to the face. And that’s legal?

WINNER: Big Show at 1:40.

-Show got on the mic after the match and talked about the rumor of Mayweather fighting Oscar De La Hoya in September. Show wanted to “squash” that rumor tonight. Show said the $20 million Mayweather is getting paid to fight him won’t be worth it.

[Commercial Break]

-A video on WWE’s Make-A-Wish Foundation ventures aired. It was noted that next month, John Cena would be granting his 100th wish.

-Coming up tonight, Batista & Kane face MVP & Great Khali.


It’s as if WWE thinks constantly calling them former tag team champions gives the greasers any credibility to make up for their 300 losses in a row lately. Some headlock-related work by Yang and Domino, followed by an arm-drag from the cowboy. Hurricanrana by Moore, who was then pushed over the top and to the mat on the outside. After Deuce worked over Moore, Yang came in and cleaned house. Some interference by both teams led to brief chaos, and Yang nailed Deuce with the moonsault for the three-count. Notice how Moore never gets the pin in these matches?

WINNERS: Yang & Moore at 5:36.

-Backstage, Edge insisted to Vickie that they leave the United States and go to Canada. The EdgeHeads came in, per the request of Edge. He wanted them to get revenge on Undertaker and said he’d have their back.

[Commercial Break]


Michelle McCool came out with Noble. After working on this feud for so long, I figured they’d advertise their return match-up ahead of time. Noble blocked a clothesline with his knees, then arm-barred Chuck over the top rope. He continued work on the left arm until he was thrown through the ropes and to the outside. Short-leg clothesline from Palumbo on the outside. Chuck started to stalk Michelle, but Noble pushed him into the ringpost. Belly-to-belly off the top by Palumbo for two. Chuck missed a middle-rope elbowdrop. Noble capitalized with an enziguiri. Dropkick off the top for Noble, which only garnered a two-count. Noble kept trying to go back to the arm-bar, but Palumbo fought it off. Full Throttle and pin by Chuck.

WINNER: Palumbo at 7:07. Decent match with a good story.

-Teddy Long and Maryse approached Vickie Guerrero backstage. Maryse heaped praise upon Vickie until Batista interrupted. He volunteered to represent Smackdown at WrestleMania, to face Umaga. Vickie OK’d the deal.

[Commercial Break]

-John Legend will perform “America The Beautiful” at WrestleMania.


Khali started out with some terribly-weak forearm smashes to Kane’s back. He quickly (and thankfully) tagged out to MVP though. Batista and MVP did some switching in-and-out working on MVP. Spinebuster by The Animal. Batista Bomb was set up, but Khali pulled MVP out of harm’s way.

[Commercial Break]

Khali and Batista were about to square off upon return from break. Batista got shoulderblocked down for a near-fall. Batista avoided a big chop to make the tag to Kane. Kane tried to fight out of the heel corner (again, weakly) but the 2-on-1 was too much for the Big Red Machine. MVP spent a few minutes working over Kane, but a sidewalk slam changed that. MVP was able to make the tag to Khali before Kane could reach Batista. Kane revived and tried to chokeslam Khali, but Khali hit the chop again. Khali spent time making the tag, and Kane took advantage. He took out MVP then tagged Batista. MVP looks like he’s running the ropes in slow motion tonight. Blind tag by Khali and a chop. He tried to lock in his head squeeze but Batista blocked it and nailed the big man with a spinebuster. MVP broke up a pin attempt and Khali grabbed Kane by the throat. Batista speared Khali and that was enough for the three-count.

WINNERS: Batista & Kane at 17:04. Not great action. Uninspired stuff for the most part.

-Still to come, Undertaker vs. Zack Ryder.

[Commercial Break]

-Ring announcer Justin Roberts introduced 2007 Diva Search winner Eve Torres. She came onto the ramp and spoke briefly about the WWE Hall-of-Fame. The same video package from Monday night on Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson then aired.

-Jesse & Festus came out for their tag match, which is next.

[Commercial Break]


Miz got on the mic and made fun of Festus and said they had a surprise for the country duo. They presented, courtesy of, the Dirt Sheet: It was from two weeks ago, with Morrison & Miz “interviewing” Jesse about being abducted by aliens, and his answers were all spliced in from the Jesse & Festus initial vignettes upon their entrance to WWE. Festus beat down Miz and even Morrison once the bell rang. Jesse tagged in and kept up the advantage until the champs got him to the outside. Jesse somehow snuck out of the grasp of both Miz and Morrison to tag Festus. Jesse threw Miz out of the ring and Festus finished off Morrison for the win.

WINNERS: Jesse & Festus at 3:37.

-Coming up, Undertaker vs. Zack Ryder.

[Commercial Break]

-The RAW Rebound aired, focusing on the JBL-Vince McMahon segment.

-Michael Cole announced that Finlay would be on Raw this Monday night.

-Big Daddy V came out for his match, which will air after break.

[Commercial Break]


Wow, this came out of nowhere. V stepped on Balls using the ropes for leverage. Boss Man Slam by V, followed by his big chop. Running splash in the corner was successful. “I think Balls has just been deflated” said Cole. Clever. After a Samoan drop, the light’s went out and Taker’s music played. The Dead Man walked to the ring with a purpose. Taker cleared V out of the ring, then chokeslammed Balls.

WINNER: No Contest at about 2:00.

-Undertaker demanded that Edge bring his minion to Taker’s yard to meet the same fate Edge will meet at WrestleMania. Both of them, he claimed, will Rest in Peace.

[Commercial Break]

-Back in the arena, Taker was still in the ring, lights low, his music playing.


Ryder looked hesitant to start things off. A distraction though put things in his favor. Not for long however, as Taker drove Ryder’s back into the ringpost. Edge and Hawkins were in the aisle watching the match. Taker dominated back in the ring. He set up for the chokeslam, but Hawkins ran up to the apron, distracting the referee. That allowed Ryder to kick Taker below the belt to take over on offense. Taker turned things his way again and gave Ryder some soupbones in the corner. Snake eyes and running boot from Taker. HIGH chokeslam on Ryder by Taker, who then stared Edge down. Chokehold submission by Undertaker and Ryder immediately tapped.

WINNER: Undertaker at 6:48.

-Hawkins and Edge hit the ring as soon as the bell rang. They worked on Undertaker til the Dead Man reversed things and Edge ran for the hills. That left Hawkins to take a chokeslam. He was then put in the submission move as well.

-Next week, MVP takes on Batista for the U.S. Title.


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