shley real reason not on raw

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shley real reason not on raw

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:37 am


I keep getting these questions from yall about being sent home??? People come up with the dumbest sh-- ha Sent home from where exactly hehe cuz Im in LA right now. I didnt go to tv, this week or the passed few, somethings up with my hand. I have to fix it. :-( They wont let me wrestle with the way it is so as soon as its all fixed Im comin back yall! Dont worry about a ting.....cuz every little ting is gunna be ireee...
k nuff singin
Im headed back to TX this weekend and seeing the orth surgeon again, hopefully hell have some good news this time .
love u guys talk soon...
she will be back guys and soon this injury takes about a month or two to heal


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