more on the mike knox steroid story

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more on the mike knox steroid story Empty more on the mike knox steroid story

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:07 am

None of the bottles or drugs found in the Atlanta steroid case had the name of Mike Knox on them, thus it is hard for authorities to point the blame at anyone, despite the box being next to another box with items belonging to Knox. He claims they aren't his and so does everyone else who lived in the house, which we can now confirm to be Nick Neikirk (former development wrestler who was fired after wellness violations), Ryan O'Reily (who has since left the business of his own accord) and Krissy Vaine (also left the business with her boyfriend Ryan). WWE are playing down the situation to th media and it all seems to have blown over, with Knox's career as stable as it can be.

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